DVD Lecture – “A Spanish Masterpiece Revisited 301 Years Later” – Velázquez/Picasso

23rd June 2012 – 23 de junio 2012
15:30 p.m. Auditorio | Auditorium –
(Free, but please reserve a seat) – (Gratuito. Reservar plaza)

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“A Spanish Masterpiece Revisited 301 Years Later”

A DVD of a lecture given by the painter Eva Bosch at the National Gallery in London in 2009, to coincide with the exhibition Picasso: Challenging the Past. Between August and December 1957, Picasso produced a series of 58 canvases inspired by Diego Velázquez’s painting Las Meninas completed in 1656. Bosch describes and interprets Picasso’s working processes, showing how he created his own version of the three-hundred year old masterpiece. After the projection there will be a Q/A with the artist.

“Reencuentro con una obra maestra española 301 años más tarde”

Proyección del DVD de la charla que dio la pintora Eva Bosch en el National Gallery de Londres en 2009 coincidiendo con la exposición titulada “Picasso: “Challenging the Past”. Entre agosto y diciembre 1957 Picasso completó una serie de 58 lienzos inspirados en “Las Meninas”, tela realizada por Diego Velázquez en 1656. Bosch describe e interpreta el proceso de la serie mostrando como Picasso creó su propia versión de la obra maestra ejecutada tres siglos antes. Después de la proyección habrá una sesión de preguntas y respuestas con la artista.


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By Eva Bosch
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‘Foreigner’ is the intriguing account of a friendship between two young women (one Polish, the other Russian) who are trying to find their feet in the difficult  and complex city that is London today. They find themselves having to deal as best they can with all kinds of problems, not least, the class differences between both themselves – they come from very different backgrounds – and their English boyfriends, one of whom is a lumpen lad from Liverpool and the other, the wealthy son of a paedophile father. The story is anything but static, moving from London to Algeria, Russia and France, and dealing with themes ranging from sexual abuse, the police murder of a Muslim, racism in general,  to the evils of the British educational system.

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